Mcafee Dell Activation :

Activate McAfee Dell subscription at for dell laptop is simple through retail card. When you go to a retail store or a retail site to buy a Dell or HP Laptop with McAfee Subscription then you’ll need to activate. Seller’ll give you a McAfee retail card where you find your product key. It’ll help you in activation. The benefit of having a retail card is that you get the most recent version of your product.

What is download ? download is a URL to redeem your McAfee product key for Dell activation. You need to go download to redeem your McAfee activation product key. Here If you have a McAfee Activation code and if it not working for you then might be you are not reading it correctly or not on the correct redeem page. So It’s not actually hard to open the Redeem Page but because of the browser redirection problems, popup ads & security conflicts not allowing you to put the McAfee Activation code on the correct website. Most Importantly If you are sure that Activation code you have is correct and it’s still not working for you then we are here to help you to activate and install your Antivirus Security online.

Your DELL laptop comes with preinstalled 30 day trial of McAfee Security Center software. But to enable the software to do its job you need to activate it first. If you want to install McAfee antivirus on Dell PC using a retail card, here we are providing a step-by-step process for redeeming the retail card, McAfee installation, and activation on Dell PC. download

First of all , make sure you have the activation code on the retail card And it is 25 digit alphanumeric activation code. Now I will show you step by step :-

  1. First of all , go to page
  2. And now you have a place, where you can put the activation code
  3. Hence put the activation code here and click on submit.
  4. As a result now you are on the next, where it will ask you to login to your McAfee account.
  5. Probably you do not have a McAfee account , then just create one with the register option.
  6. If you are done with the account and email verification . You can login inside your McAfee account.
    Seems like we are almost done. Just see the download links. Click on that, now it will create a code which will be used during installation. Just note it down.
  7. Finally, run the downloaded file and follow the positive steps (i.e. yes , run, save, continue) In order to complete installation.
  8. Most Noteworthy Follow these tips if activation is not going through.

How to do McAfee Product Activation

We provide help and support for McAfee Product Activation, you can get required help from online. Call us or email us the error or problem, our one of the expert contact you with the suitable perfect solution. Get the McAfee application suite and as per your need and see how it is easy to work.
Step by step McAfee activation

1- First of all go the McAfee activation page for dell, which is
2- Put the product key in the box on and click submit.
3- Seems like you are on McAfee sign in page. Seems like you are on McAfee sign in page. Now here if you have McAfee account login with that otherwise create a new McAfee account.
Remember – McAfee Account Can Help you with McAfee activation, installation, setup, billing and Manage Your Services.
4- If you do not have a McAfee account, Now Click On Register Now And Fill All Required Information Like Name, Email Address And Also Create a Password As You Please.
5- Please Take your Mouse Again to My Account >subscription And Download the McAfee Antivirus Product You have just bought And Activated.
6- Now download your program listed in your subscription and do not forget to run the program.


Steps to follow before installation of McAfee activate antivirus from download:

Redeem your retail card by visiting, McAfee retail card is necessary because it is the easiest way to download & install McAfee product in your PC.

This card will ensure you that you have downloaded the latest version of security. To install this security product or antivirus through online twenty-five digit product key code must required. For installing this product follow some steps.

  1. Make sure your system configuration meets the minimum system requirements.
  2. System OS (operating system) should be updated properly so McAfee updates can install properly in system.
  3. Uninstall all the unwanted, similar and conflicting programs from the system.
  4. Also make sure, you remove all the temporary files from the system.
  5. After following these steps, Download McAfee product by visiting

Tips before Entering McAfee Activation Code

  • Uninstall any other antivirus from your computer if you had any before. Remove it completely and restart your computer.
  • Also uninstall any Old version of McAfee antivirus from the computer.
    Most noteworthy you must restart your computer in order to completely remove a security after uninstall.
  • If still you are facing problem you can contact our support from the given contact link or on the toll free number.


To activate or redeem the other retail card product for Mcafee, Kindly visit the below link as per your product :

1. McAfee MLS (McAfee Live Safe). Visit
2. McAfee MAV (McAfee Antivirus Plus). Visit
3. McAfee MTP (McAfee Total Protection). Visit
4. McAfee MIS (McAfee Internet Security). Visit
5. To Activate McAfee Visit